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Que Sera

About Us

Hi I'm Jaqui, and I am very excited to introduce Que Sera’s classes that focus on creating an experience that enhances the abilities of our community. 28 years ago my life changed with out me even knowing it when I became a mother to a daughter with disabilities. I realized then that I had become the voice that would speak not only for my daughter, but for everyone with a unique set of abilities. Over the last 20 years I have worked with the Pasadena Unified School District in order to develop my daughters mind, while I focused on developing her muscles, to end up in a world where now education is no longer a part of her development due to her age. One of my biggest fears was, ‘what’s going to happen when I am no longer here to be her voice?’ How would my daughter continue to practice the skills she has, as well as learn new ones to be able to live a healthy, productive and safe everyday lifestyle? This is what sparked my passion to create a program that works with a community that is willing to evolve with the times to meet the unique needs of every person. I felt cooking and crafting would be great opportunities to be able to teach skill sets that can be useful in all different ways of life. Through this journey I realized that many individuals could benefit from this idea and understood how opening these classes to everyone could help raise awareness in our community to support the movement of #ability-not-disability

Life Skills Classes

$25 Per Person Per Class

Please join us for an engaging experience where we explore and learn our way through cooking and crafting. Through these classes we aim to focus on confidence building, skill building, and interpersonal relationships as we navigate new abilities. Each of our classes encourages our participants to cooperate in creating something that they'll be able to take home, such as a seasonal craft or an easy and delicious recipe. We do our best to create an encouraging and fun environment where all are welcomed and all can take part.

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