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5 Ways to Elevate your DIY Cheese Board

With Summer almost over and the holidays approaching quickly, many of us will be entertaining soon. With entertaining comes feeding people most often and one of my easy go to snacks is a graze board. Why?

Yes, yes, I know... I own a cheese board company but quite honestly as convenient as that is, the cool things about a graze board is it's a bunch of snacks we can graze on and most of us have many of the things we need in our pantry and fridge.

So how to you elevate a block of Jack Cheese, some salami, leftover ricotta from the lasagna you made this week and couple oranges to create one badass cheese board?

Well I am here to help you out and give you 3 quick tips to create on fancy ass board that will have your guest snapping all the pictures to share on their instagram!

First, you want to shop the rainbow! So what exactly does that mean... go through your pantry and fridge or if you are super prepared the market and find items that are different colors of the rainbow to give your board tons of contrast.

Second, cut and style your fruit. One simple way of creating board with texture and different colors is to simply cut fruit like strawberries, kiwis and oranges into slices or just in half. If you want to get super fancy you can cut them into flowers like our tutorial here!

Third.... this one is bit controversial but... play with your meat. I know, I know... c'mon Kaiy how old are you? But really if you style your meat, your board is on the way to being a showstopper. There are tons of different techniques when playing with your meat, from salami roses to rivers to ribbons to fans but here are 3 of my favorite ways to create meat art and the board of your dreams!

Fourth, cut your cheese! Leaving it whole is not only hard to eat but its not fancy at all. So slice your cheese into triangles or rustic cubes or even create wells in your soft rind cheeses for some incredible garnishing... which brings me to my last point!

Fifth.... GARNISH... quite honestly if you forget steps 1-4 and just garnish the shit out of your board, it will still look fancy AF! So grab that mustard and put it on top of those olives, get out that honey and honeycomb and put that ish all over your board. Head to your garden or your local herb aisle and grab all the rosemary, thyme, sage and dill your heart desires and fill in those gaps on your board. And last but not least order some edible flowers from us and just go crazy.

And boom just like that you have the fanciest board you ever created!

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