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Weekly “Business BoostHER”

Virtual Coaching Sesh

This is for visionary women entrepreneurs or seasoned business owners seeking to take your biz to new heights. 

What We Offer

We gather every week to provide a collaborative and interactive platform for individuals passionate about growing their businesses.


Whether you're in the early stages of planning or looking to refine your established company, our group is designed to inspire, brainstorm, and tackle challenges together.


Key Benefits


Collective Brainpower

Harness the combined experience, knowledge, and creativity of a diverse group of entrepreneurs. Get fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that can help you overcome obstacles and identify opportunities you might have missed.


Interactive Problem-Solving

Share the hurdles you're facing in your business, and let the power of collaboration work its magic. Together, we'll troubleshoot issues, strategize solutions, and provide actionable insights to propel your business forward.


Accountability and Motivation

Setting and achieving goals can be tough when you're on your own. Our group fosters a sense of accountability and motivation. Update us on your progress, celebrate your wins, and receive encouragement to stay focused on your growth journey.


Expert Guidance

While the coaching group is primarily peer-driven, a seasoned business coach will regularly participate to offer expert advice, industry insights, and actionable tips based on their experience.


Safe & Supportive Environment

Our community is built on mutual respect, trust, and a shared commitment to each other's success. You'll connect with like-minded individuals who genuinely want to see you thrive.

Community Details


Each week on Wednesday between 6:00pm and 7:00pm, we'll come together for an engaging virtual session where participants can present their business challenges, ideas, or goals.


From 6:00pm to 6:30pm will be reserved for our Business BoostHER VIPs to ensure they get ample time to work through their challenges, ideas and goals.


Facebook community where you can ask questions whenever about whatever and I am there to answer all of them! 

Join Today

Join the BoostHER group today.

About Kaiy

Stems Visionary

Meet Kaiy Smith-Biesman, a small business coach and the visionary behind Stems: Cheese, Charcuterie & Catering. As a chef, sommelier, mother of two, and entrepreneur, Kaiy exemplifies the spirit of innovation and resilience. Born and raised in Los Angeles, her heritage is a blend of Black and Italian cultures, which deeply influenced her journey. Kaiy's philosophy is simple yet impactful: “eat with your eyes first.” This approach has led her to create grazing tables and events, combining the freshness of California produce with the comfort of Southern cuisine and the elegance and simplicity of Italian food.

Stems, founded in 2020 amidst the uncertainties of a global pandemic, initially aimed to teach classes on elevating home entertaining. However, the pandemic necessitated a swift pivot. Kaiy's expertise as a sommelier took center stage, leading to the launch of online wine tastings. These sessions, often accompanied by requests for cheese pairings, gradually transformed Stems into a thriving cheese, charcuterie, and catering business.

Kaiy's journey hasn't been without challenges, but these obstacles have only fueled her passion for mentoring other women in the industry. Her commitment to her community is unwavering, and she is always seeking opportunities to support and uplift others. Under her guidance, Stems has experienced exponential growth, doubling its revenue year over year and establishing itself as a thriving six-figure business.

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1:1 Coaching

As Stems prepares to open a storefront and reintroduce workshops and classes, Kaiy’s role as a business coach has become even more significant. Drawing from her own experiences and the lessons learned, Kaiy offers invaluable mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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